Info About Morocco :


Morocco (the full Arabic name is Al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah which translates into “The Western Kingdom” ) is located on the North West coast of Africa and has ports in the North Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third most populous Arab country. Morocco shares the largest part of its border with Algeria to the East and Western Saharah to the South. Morocco is divided into sixteen regions. Each region is further divided into provinces and prefectures. The capital of Morocco is Rabat and its largest city is Casablanca. The national currency is the Moroccan Dirham.

Geographic view :

Morocco is an African country in North Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco is separated from Europe by the Straits of Gibraltar. Its neighboring countries are Algeria to the east (the Algerian border is closed), on the southern Western Sahara (which occupied the most part) and northern Spain, with whom he maintains close trade ties and shares both land and sea borders (Spanish autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla). There are other Spanish enclaves on the Mediterranean coast (Rock of Alhucemas, Penon de Velez de la Gomera and the islands Chafarinas).

Climatology :

Morocco has a moderate subtropical climate, influenced by the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Inside, temperatures are moving in the extreme, very cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. In Marrakech, the average summer temperature is 38 degrees Celsius. In spring, it is about 21 degrees. In mountainous areas like the Atlas, temperatures can drop below zero degrees, which is why the mountains are capped much of the year. Northern Morocco is very humid and rainy during the winter, while in the Sahara, south of the country, the climate is dry and cold. The average annual temperature in Morocco in its major cities is 22 degrees in Rabat, 20 in Casablanca, 22 in Marrakech, 20 degrees in Fez, Meknes 21 and 20 degrees centigrade average temperature in Tangier.